Elisabeth Ouni

Hello. My name is Elisabeth Ouni. Or just Ouni. I’m from Belgium. I’m a dream-chaser. risk-taker. ex-model. polaroidlover. music afficionado. storyteller. artdirector. former pr-maven. so called blogger. aspiring video director. webfreak. semi-fashionista. demi-Touni. A POLAROID STORY is my baby. OUNI INC is a work in progress

Jacques Brel - La Chanson des Vieux Amants

Marvin Gaye once said: “I like music that makes me cry” There is one song that tops off all other songs in the teary eye department. I first heard this song in a hotel room in Paris. For me the lyrics describes love in the most honest and real way. Jacques Brel is a Belgian singer-songwriter who also wrote ‘Ne Me Quitte Pas’.

Battle at Kruger

This is some amazing footage. This could be a classic scenario of a Disney movie. I like watching Leos. My astrology sign is Leo. In this video however, the moral of the story is, that in life, no matter where you are at the foodchain, you can always fight back.

Marvin Gaye in Ostend

I live in a small coast town in Belgium called Ostend. This is footage from the Marvin Gaye documentary during his stay in Ostend. For some reason this documentary means a lot to me. Marvin explaines why he ended up in Ostend in that period of his live and the way he describes always touches me because I feel so related to what he says.

Women throws cat in wheelie bin

I saw this video for the first time in the BBC MOST ANNOYING PEOPLE OF 2010 newyears special. I hate NY with a passion. I spend NY-eve in my sofa with champagne & reefer and one of my best friends and this show was one of the highlights of my night. Hilarious footage.
I know it’s not appropriate to think this is funny, but it cracked me up for some reason. Some People are NUTS!

Great Expectations

Great expectations is one of my favorite movies. It’s a modern day adaptation of the classic Charles Dickens novel. In the movie, most of the actors garement is always green. Never have I seen a movie with so many different shades of green. Green is my favorite colour.

Lou Doillon for Vanessa Bruno S/S 2010

I can really enjoy a nicely executed fashion lookbook video. Fashion is fun, a way to express your personality, but I can’t take it too seriously. This video with Lou Doillon for Vanessa Bruno is one of the few ‘fashion’ videos that actually touched me from beginning to end. It also features Gonzales with Lou dancing on his piano while he plays.
I think the video portraits a certain freedom and a state of mind without worries.

The Wire Snoop Pearson

I’m a huge fan of The Wire. Since the series ended, no other tv show grabbed me by the balls like that one. This is one of my favorite scenes where Snoop goes shopping for a new nailgun. “27 kaliber hu?”

Carrie Bradshow falling in Dior

I’m very clumsy. I don’t have to be drunk to fall. I can fall any time. Any where. That’s just me. I loved the SATC series for several reasons. This little snippet is just something that could easily happen to me. Without the fancy outfit and probably not at Dior. But still.

Tropa De Elite

Tropa De Elite is one of my favorite movies. Recently Tropa De Elite 2 came out and I think it’s a strong follow up for the first one. I really like the character of Nascimento in the movie. The duality between being a hard knock elite cop in a corrupted city infected by drugs and violence , and how it slowly messes with his state of mind is very well portrayed by the actor who plays Nascimento.
The film’s cinematography is so nicely done, you can almost smell the favelas.


I was raised with the bible one weekend and raised with the Koran the next
I decided soon enough that religion was not for me, but I always liked the symbolism in both. I once saw this video from Wu Tang Clan leader The RZA and I never forgot about it. You always have to stand up and tell people when they are behaving wrong, because saying nothing about it is just as bad.

Chris Brown "Teach Me How To Dougie"

When I’m bored I like watching this Chris Brown video dancing The Dougie. What can I say. ☺ #confessions Look at the men standing around him, not really sure how to react on Chris his dance moves and then pay attention when the camera moves to the women, who are clearly convinced about Chris. And his moves.

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