Pieter Konickx

Hi, I’m Pieter Konickx, 23 years old, living and working in London. I’m Dutch and I have lived here for about 3 years, I moved to England to study and now I work as an Art Director.

Lately I noticed that I don’t think in Dutch anymore, that is why I write in English. I’m still very proud to be Dutch and I was a bit upset with myself when I noticed that it was easier to write in English than it is in my own language. So my apologies for making it a bit more difficult for the Dutchies.

I just want to thank Tim for this oppurtunity and I carefully chose the videos to inspire him and all the other viewers.

Guy on a buffalo

The band The Possum Posse used the video and story adapted from the now-residing-in-the-public-domain film Buffalo Rider (1978) to promote their music. They made 3 short episodes out the the footage and wrote catchy songs to it. I now really want a buffalo, maybe just a small one first.

It’s always sunny in Philadelphia - Oh my god I don’t care

If you work in advertising you are in meetings alot and sometimes I just get the urge to do this.

Trombone (That’s it, I’m done with the internet for today. I think I’ll go outside.)

Not a lot of people know that I use to play trombone when I was younger. I even came second in a music competion in my highschool. When I tell people that I use to play trombone most of them say that it must be really difficult to find the right notes because there are no keys on the instrument. I guess this guy had a hard time playing in front of her and not laughing.

How to judge an ad - David Droga

Probably more a video for people who work in advertising. There is a great desire for winning awards in the advertising world. Not only the agencies but even the clients want to win them. So in the late 90’s Procter & Gamble, manufactures of a wide range of consumer goods, asked all the creative directors at Saatchi&Saatchi to answer the question How to judge an Ad. David Droga, now Creative Director at Droga5, took the piss and resulted in this funny video.

Solar Sinter - a solar powered 3d printer

Everyone is dying to get their hands on a 3d printer these days. It is seen as the new big thing. Alex Bugosky in the book Baked In calls it ‘a new world’. You’ll be able to print anything, from tools to weapons, for good or bad. The guy in this video built his own in the middle of the desert so he could use the natural power of the sun and sand as the natural resource. Amazing effort and great idea.

Hard ticket to Hawaii

Amazing scene from the 1987 movie Hard Ticket To Hawaii. It’s not only the frisbeeing that is amazing, someone must have had lots of fun writing this.

Copper pipe magnet

For me this video shows that there is still loads to discover. Combining knowledge and creativity will hopefully lead to amazing new product inventions. We shouldn’t just be using what we know, we should try to learn more. Learning things that haven’t got anything to do with your job might even help you become better at it. Like the collision of different worlds works beautifully in advertising.

Earl Sweatshirt - Earl

On the day of the Royal Wedding in London I went to a concert of OFGWKTA (Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All) a rap group from Los Angeles. The concert started at three o’clock and everyone in london was celebrating the wedding while we were underneath a bridge enjoying their obscene lyrics. Earl Sweatshirt is one of the members but unfortunatly, he wasn’t at the gig because his mum doesn’t allow him to hang out with OFGWKTA anymore. She even put him in a boarding school in Samoa, maybe that’s a good thing after seeing this video.

Japan Erection

This video is more than just the weirdest thing you’ll ever see, it represents that everything is possible and demonstrates that nothing is too weird for youtube. It also shows that shameless people can really suprise you in amazing ways, that go beyond the way your own mind thinks. I sometimes wonder if I push my own mind enough to come up with more original thoughts.

Faces on vimeo

Being a nerd is a lot cooler nowadays. I’m even a bit jealous of them, they can think of an idea and actually make it work. This video shows an awesome project that really blew my mind, they can swap their own face with any other face from just an digital image.

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